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ProMed Flex Expire: Select Your Own Expiration Date

We're incredibly excited to announce our newest feature geared specifically towards helping you maximize the certification you paid for and earned.

It's called ProMed Flex ExpireTM, and it's here to help you regain the full two year certification you tested for and deserve!

Whenever you pass an ACLS, BLS, PALS or CPR exam, you earn 2 years of compliance. Typically your card will be issued the same day you passed, and your expiration date will be 2 years after that date.

Here's the frustrating part: It's almost impossible to perfectly schedule your new card's issue date (the date you passed the course) with the expiration of your previous card. What usually happens is you're forced to certify earlier than your expiration date to avoid lapse of compliance.

So every time you certify, your "2 years of compliance" is discounted weeks, possibly even a month!


That's why we have released our new feature. Now for the first time and only through ProMed Certifications, you can select your own issue date after you pass your certification exam.

How Flex ExpireTM Works

After you pass your ProMed exam, you'll be taken to a page that asks you to review your first name, last name, and your issue date for your new provider card.


You will then be able to change the issue date to any date within 30 days of passing your exam, which will extend your 2 year certification expiration date as well, allowing you to select an issue date that maximizes your compliant period.


Who Can Use Flex ExpireTM

This feature is available to any ProMed Certifications user that passes their ACLS, BLS, PALS or CPR. It's especially useful if you fall into one of these use cases:

The Recertifier with a card that will expire soon

If you're currently certified in ACLS, BLS, PALS or CPR and your provider card is expiring soon, you can take a ProMed course and set the issue date to the day after your current card expires.

Here's an example use case:

  • You're currently certified in ACLS, but your card expires on June 30th.
  • You purchase a ProMed Certifications ACLS Recertification course on June 1st and take and pass the exam that same day.
  • With traditional certification providers, your card would be issued immediately and your new expiration date would be 2 years after June 1st. This means that you would give up 30 full days of certified time that you already earned!
  • But with ProMed Flex ExpireTM, you set your issue date to July 1st - one day after your current card expires. This allows you to take full advantage of your current card's compliance period.

Healthcare professionals starting a new job or looking for a job

Did you just get a new job that requires a provider card, but want to set the issue date to your start date?

You can do that with ProMed Flex ExpireTM.

Any healthcare professional with an expired card

Even though we want to avoid it, sometimes we accidentally let our certifications lapse and expire. If your card is expired, you can use the ProMed Flex ExpireTM to set the issue date to the current date (which is the earliest date you can select) to show proof of certification immediately.

Flex ExpireTM - A ProMed Exclusive Feature

We would love for all busy healthcare professionals to be able to control their expiration date and rightfully regain the two year certification they tested for and deserve.

No longer does your current card and your new card have to overlap. Optimize the time you're certified, reduce the time you're taking ACLS, BLS, PALS and CPR exams and focus on what's important.