Automated Compliance For Your Group

  • Easily Track Employee Compliance In ACLS, BLS, PALS and CPR
  • No More Expiring Employees
  • Automation Built In
  • HUGE Discounts and MUCH More!

A Powerful Online Portal For Your Group

Imagine an online directory of your employees with their existing and upcoming certifications listed. When it comes time for them to recertify, the employee is notified and enrolled in their respective recertification course.

They take the course and exam online through ProMed Certifications while you get progress reports on course and exam completion. When exams are passed, you both get immediate access to a new downloadable provider card and CME certificate.

You don't have to imagine that. It's real and it's free. Seriously.

We built the ProMed Certifications group portal to manage your employee's compliance so that you don't have to.

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Manage Your Entire Group With Ease

Real Time Data

Your personalized dashboard gives you a birds-eye view of your group's compliance.

Enrollment Simplified

Enroll employees in ACLS, PALS, BLS, and/or CPR with just one click and they'll be notified automatically.

Track Members

Your member directory gives you a quick glance at who is compliant and who is expiring soon.

One Time Setup

Purchase courses for your group and invite members to join and begin their course and exam.

Lifetime Discounts On Cumlative Course Purchases

No other provider offers lifetime savings on cumulative purchases. Once you hit a threshold, your savings are locked in FOREVER! No bulk purchases necessary!


Based on estimated courses purchased selection

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Your Employees Will LOVE Certifying Online With ProMed Certifications!

Here's what actual ProMed Certifications customers who just recently passed their ACLS, BLS, PALS and CPR exams have to say about the experience of certifying online with ProMed Certifications.

Ann T., MD

Recertified in BLS

I just recertified my BLS using ProMed Certifications. It was an awesome course - you included things that I would not have thought of with CPR just as infection control. It had been so long since I took a BLS course that I carefully reviewed all the modules. A physician should never be afraid to learn something new. I will highly recommend your website to other people I know needing BLS/ACLS/PALS.

Britta G., PA

Recertified in PALS

I had a great experience recertifying with ProMed Certifications and would absolutely recommend it to all my friends and coworkers. The information you provided was extremely helpful and comprehensive, and I felt very confident with its quality. I would definitely rate you all 5/5 stars.

Deborah C., MD

Recertified in BLS

It was an easy process and the way the review materials are outlined, a provider can navigate through the material quickly and spend additional time in areas needing more review. I completed the course actually feeling more confident than in past refresher courses both online and in classroom as I was able to learn and review at my own pace which is very valuable.

Anthony F., MD

Recertified in ACLS

I think you have a well organized online course which concisely summarizes the necessary information needed to pass the test.

Natalie M., RN

Certified in ACLS

Overall it was a great experience. Easy to navigate through, easy to understand. The material was perfect and I felt I was well prepared for the exam. I feel like I learned more from this online course than I ever did from the live course.

Arbi N., MD

Recertified in BLS and ACLS

I don't have much time to spare and being able to complete this online was the best. The courses were very thorough. They highlighted all the important concept in the most concise form. It definitely was a great experience. It was very efficient for me to use. I would give it a 5/5 as far as ease of use, relevance, and quality.

Common Portal Questions From Groups

These are the most commonly asked questions asked about the ProMed Certifications Group Portal.

How much does it cost to use the portal?

Nothing! We give you access to the portal for free! Click here to sign up for access to the portal (no credit card is required)!

How can I get a quote before purchasing any courses?

Simple - start by signing up your group in the portal. Next, click "Courses" on the left and click "Purchase Courses". Select which courses you need and see how your volume impacts your discount. You can do all of this without providing your credit card information.

What are these automated reminders you speak of?

When an employee is within a month of hitting their expiration date, we'll email you a reminder to have you enroll them in a new course. You'll be able to download their updated provider cards as well.

What does the ProMed Certifications course and exam include?

The ProMed Certifications courses are 100% online and feature rich text, images, videos and downloadable algorithms. Once an employee passes, they will have immediate access to a provider card and CME certificate, and we will mail a printed card that they can use if they need a hard copy.

ProMed Certifications provides world-class medical education to Healthcare Professionals everywhere and currently offers certifications in ACLS, PALS, BLS, and CPR.

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